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FAQs, Introductions and Tutorials

(For more general introductions on these subjects see our Themes page)

Artificial Intelligence Artificial Life Autopoiesis
Cellular Automata Cellular NN & Programming Chaos
Complex Systems Cybernetics Dynamic Systems
Evolutionary Psychology Fractals Fuzzy Systems & Neuro-Fuzzy
Genetic Algorithms Genetic NN & Programming General Systems Theory
L-Systems Mandelbrot Set Neural Networks
Self Organization Strange Attractor Systems Thinking

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Artificial Intelligence - newsgroup (7 part Text FAQ)
Artificial Life - newsgroup (Original FAQ)
Cellular Automata - comp.theory.cell-automata newsgroup (Original FAQ)
Evolutionary Computation - newsgroup
Fractals - sci.fractals newsgroup
Fuzzy Systems - newsgroup
Genetic Programming - newsgroup
Neural Nets - newsgroup
Non-Linear Systems - sci.nonlinear newsgroup
Robotics - comp.robotics newsgroup
Self-Organizing Systems - comp.theory.self-org-sys newsgroup

Introductions & Tutorials

(listed in order of difficulty or detail per subject category)
For more general introductions see Themes and for more specialised treatments see Online Papers

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence for the Beginner - incl NNs and GAs by Mark Lambourne
An Introduction to AI - essays on most areas by Generation 5
An Introduction to the Science of Artificial Intelligence - by Thinkquest
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence - course notes (some Postscript) by Michael Gasser
The Pattern Recognition Basic of AI - introductory Book by Donald Tveter Book

Artificial Life

Introduction to CNS/Ph175: Artificial Life - by Chris Adami
Artificial Life - introduction by Anders Kaplan
Artificial Life an Interactive Essay - by Stewart Dean
An Introduction to Artificial Life - paper by Moshe Sipper
SSIE 580B Evolutionary Systems and Artificial Life - lecture notes by Luis Rocha
CNS/Ph 175: Artificial Life - technical lecture notes (part Postscript) by Chris Adami
The Nature of Autonomous Agents - technical lecture notes by Stuart Kauffman


Introduction: Autopoiesis and Enaction - tutorial by Randall Whitaker
The Ontological Foundations of Autopoietic Theory - tutorial by Kent Palmer


A Brief Introduction to Cellular Automata - by Moshe Sipper
Introduction to One-dimensional Cellular Automata - with Java applets by David Eck
Cellular Automata - introduction by Scott Robert Ladd
Cellular Automata - brief tutorial by David Green
Introduction to Lattice Gas Automata - David Hanon and Olivier Tribel
Cellular Automata and Art - introduction by Brian P. Hoke
Cellular Automata: Digital Worlds - detailed tutorial by Alexander Schatten
Simulation with Cellular Automata - lecture notes by Jörg R. Weimar
Stochastic Spatial Models - hyper-tutorial by Rick Durrett

Cellular Neural Networks & Cellular Programming

Cellular Neural Networks - brief introduction by Giulio Destri
Cellular Programming - brief introduction by Moshe Sipper


Chaos Theory: A Brief Introduction - by Greg Rae
Chaos Introduction - by Andrew Ho
Chaos: A Pictorial Introduction - animated by John Banks
What Are Chaos & Complex Systems Theory ? - explanation by Mark Michaels
Chaos in the Classroom - tutorial by Robert Devaney
Chaos Tutorial - by Gar-Field High School Dead
Chaos without the Math - by Judy Petree
Chaos & Fractals: A Guided Tour - by Brian Wynn Dead
What is Chaos? a five-part online course for everyone - by Matthew A. Trump
Exploring Chaos & Fractals - a web Book by Informit Book
Chaos Hypertextbook - mathematics by Glenn Elert
Order - chaos maths intro for high school by M. Casco Associates
Classical and Quantum Chaos: A Cyclist Treatise - a web Book (mostly Postscript) by Predrag Cvitanovic Book

Complexity and General Systems Theory

Introduction to the Basic Concepts of Complexity Science - Buck Lawrimore
Systems Thinking: Simplified Overview - by Rod Draheim, Mike Henderson, Gus Neverman, Duane Schwartz & Mike Wenzlick
Systems Thinking - animated overview by Clinton Andrews and Carl Henn
The Art of Systems Thinking - Joseph O'Connor and Ian McDermott
Back to Basics: Introduction to Systems Theory and Complexity - concepts by Onar Ĺm (temp URL)
What are Complex Adaptive Systems ? - a brief description by Peter Fryer
Complexity and Organisation Development - by Richard Seel
An Introduction to Complex Systems - Torsten Reil
Guide to Complex Systems - NECSI
Complexity - by Don Mikulecky
Primer to Complexity Theory - Amanda Inskip Corcoran
Applied Systems Thinking - Curt McNamara
Systems and Systemic Theory - course notes by Gary Boyd
PCC Complexity Course - lecture notes by Larry Edwards
Systems Theory Lesson - AECT Change Division
An Introduction to Complexity in Social Science - Bernard Pavard & Julie Dugdale New

Dynamic Systems

Introduction to Dynamic Systems - workshop notes by Keith Clayton
Dynamic Systems & Fractals - Book length maths lecture notes by David Wright Book
Learning Dynamic Systems: A Tutorial - by Dean, Leach & Shatkay

Evolutionary Psychology

What is Evolutionary Psychology ? - primer by Leda Cosmides & John Tooby


Fractals - lessons for kids by Cynthia Lanius
Zarmi's Fractals Page - brief illustrated intro
Basic Information on Fractals - by Jean-Pierre Louvet
A Brief Introduction to Fractals - by Godric Wilkie
The Fractal Geometry of the Mandelbrot set - high school intro by Robert Devaney
An Introduction to Chaos Theory and Fractals - by the Amateur Chaologist
An Introduction to Fractals - by Paul Bourke
The Natural Geometry of Fractals - by Michael Bayne
The Nature of Fractals - intro by Juan Luis Martínez
Introduction to Fractals & Chaos Theory - by Scott Vaughen
Fractal Tutorials - by ThinkQuest
The Fractal Guide - by Parmjit Virk
The Fract-Ed Information Pages - tutorial by Douglas Martin
Fractals and Scale - tutorial by David Green
Cubic Tutorial - by Ingvar Kullberg
The Feigenbaum Fractal - introduction and tutorial by Hĺvard Berland
Fractals Unleashed - comprehensive tutorial
Fractal Geometry - course by Michael Frame, Benoit Mandelbrot & Nial Neger
About Fractal Theory - maths introduction by Cygnus Software (Fractal eXtreme)
The Fractory: An Interactive Tool for Creating and Exploring Fractals - multi-level intro by Green, Kulesza & Bergstresser

Fuzzy Systems

A Graphical Introduction to Fuzzy Logic - Jim Sibigtroth
Fuzzy Sets and Fuzzy Logic - overview by Brian T. Luke
Fuzzy Systems: A Tutorial - by James Brule
A Brief Course in Fuzzy Logic & Fuzzy Control - by Peter Bauer, Stephan Nouak & Roman Winkler
Fuzzy Logic and Neurofuzzy Tutorials - collection by Martin Brown
What are Neuro-Fuzzy Systems ? - brief introduction by Detlef Nauck
Fuzzy Logic Tutorial - Steven D. Kaehler
Fuzzy Decision Making - lecture notes (postscript) by Robert Fullér

Genetic Algorithms

Introducing Evolutionary Computing - by EvoNet
A Brief Introduction to Genetic Algorithms - by Moshe Sipper
Introduction to Genetic Algorithms - by Rabatin Investment Technology
Genetic Algorithms - introduction with JAVA by Marek Obitko
The GA Tutorials Notebook - lists of introductions and tutorials
An Overview of Evolutionary Computation - by Spears, De Jong, Baeck, Fogel & de Garis
Genetic Algorithms - detailed introduction by Scott Robert Ladd
Practical Guide to Genetic Algorithms - by Ron Shaffer
Genetic Algorithms - tutorial by Alexander Schatten
A Genetic Algorithm Tutorial - by Darrell Whitley (postscript)

Genetic Neural Networks and Genetic Programming

Genetic Algorithms and Genetically Evolved Neural Networks - introduction from NIBS Pte Ltd
The Genetic Programming Tutorial Notebook - by Jaime Fernandez

Lindenmeyer or L-Systems

An Introduction to Lindenmayer Systems - Gabriela Ochoa
L-Systems - tutorial by David Green
Fractint L-Systems Tutorial - by William McWorter

Mandelbrot Set

Mandelbrot, Julia, Quaternion - tutorials by Frode Gill
PGD's Quick Guide to the Mandelbrot Set - by Paul Derbyshire
Introduction to the Mandelbrot Set - by David Dewey
The Mandelbrot Set - maths by Hoppy

Neural Networks

What are Neural Networks ? - brief intro by Battelle
What is an Artifical Neural Network ? - by NeuroSolutions
A Basic Introduction to Neural Networks - from the US Department of Defense
An Introduction to Neural Networks - by Leslie Smith
Artificial Neural Networks - an introduction by the Helsinki Cognitive Science Group
Connectionism - Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Neural Networks Tutorial - Vikram Pudi
The Backprop Algorithm - by Donald R. Tveter
PBio 520 ANN Lecture Notes - by Deborah A. Stacey (Postscript)
Artificial Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms, and Distributed Intelligence - by Colin Fyfe (Postscript)
Adaptive Resonance Theory (ART): An Introduction - L.G. Heins and D.R. Tauritz (Postscript)
Neural Nets - Book length course notes by Kevin Gurney Book
An Introduction to Neural Networks - Textbook by Ben Kröse and Patrick van der Smagt (postscript) Book
Neural Nets - introduction to linear RBF nets by Mark Orr Book
Information Theory and Artificial Neural Networks - by Colin Fyfe (Postscript)
Training Recurrent Neural Networks - a mathematical tutorial by Herbert Jaeger (pdf)


Biology 576 Landscape Ecology & Macroscopic Dynamics: Self-Organizing Systems - tutorial by Ethan Decker
Exploring Emergence - a Java tutorial by Mitchel Resnick and Brian Silverman
Learning and Self-Organizing Systems - Denni Rögnvaldsson (some Swedish)
Self-Organization, Systems Theory & Constructivism - course by Moses A. Boudourides

Strange Attractors

Strange Attractor Lore - introduction by Patrick Coleman
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