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CALResCo's Complex Art Exhibition 2

The Art of Leila Kubba Kawash
Transcending Time

Our second featured artist brings together the formal art of the Islamic tradition and the movement of Greek mythology giving a multilayered synthesis between the static and the dynamic aspects of thought and emotion.

Time3 Leila Kubba Kawash was born in Baghdad of Iraqi and American heritage. She graduated with a National Diploma of Art and Design from the Manchester School of Art and also studied at the Corcoran School of Art in Washington DC.

Leila has had several exhibitions. Her works are in public and private collections worldwide. Presently she lives and works in London and Washington DC.

Time5 This exhibition will explore more than just these excellent art works. We will relate also the artistic treatment to relevant themes within the complexity sciences, and draw parallels with the wider social issue of integrating all aspects of human endeavour into a comprehensive and progressive viewpoint, suitable to take us through the 21st Century.

Time2 These works are complex, our images here can only hint at their detail. Some of the featured paintings are accompanied by the poetry of the artist's daughter Ameera, which identifies some of the feelings behind these works, and each painting also includes our own Complexity comments which relate the subject matter to complexity thinking. As with our first exhibition, the metaphors listed are but a sample of the depth present in the originals. All complex systems have this property, a single level of description is insufficient to adequately encompass the whole. When we map our world, we choose which aspects are of particular interest to us. These we incorporate into our science and culture. Many other aspects still exist, unseen, outside our current cultural perspective, waiting for their own time of recognition. The ability to transcend our own culture is a sign of spiritual maturity and we hope our presentation here can go some way to assist such enlightenment in our visitors.

The Exhibition consists of 35 pages.
(For more of this artist's work you can now visit her own excellent cybergallery)

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