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Toil With Strife

( Size: 51" x 74" Oils )

The legacy of the Nazis, Dachau in Bavaria 1933 to 1945, Auschwitz in southern Poland and Belson, just to name a few. To put you in the picture those notorious camps were responsible for the slaughter of 20 million human beings, they arranged ordinary peoples lives with terror, from thieves, murderers, homosexuals, undesirables, 14 million of them. The other 6 million being taken from the JEWISH denomination of towns and cities and these ghettos were systematically wiped out.

Subjects in the painting:

Toil With Strife

Black Skeleton like Figure

Represents the people within the camp.

Ghost like Figures

Represents the living horror of controlled genocide.

The Green Grass

Represents how the S.S., through propaganda, kept the holocaust in progress, away from their own people and the rest of the world.

The Skull

Represents the ultimate sacrifice, death by Cyclon "B" inhalation then a further humiliation, the body is divested of all recyclable material, teeth, hair etc.; then burnt.

Buildings and Chimneys

Represent; the abattoirs of death.

Blue Sky over skull

Represents looking aloft on every days awakening, the light and warmth from the sun maybe gave them the hope, that just maybe their liberation would that day be forthcoming.

The Indians Head

As smoke from a chimney, JUST to put things into perspective, the early colonisation of the United States of America took the lives of 45 million Indians, complete nations annihilated, their cultures and history wiped out for ever more. This being the act of 'civilised' men, and yet again with a Christian background and upbringing.

The Devilish Head

Represents the horror of man's disregard for life and the basic human rights of his fellow man.


Synonymous with a good memory, let's not forget the mistakes man has made throughout our brief history..

Kabal, Lebanon

And in other war torn cities of the world, people are living underground in basements and car parks as a way of life. Children knowing very little, only the strategy of war, hatred, starvation and poverty. Coupled with a nagging constant fear and panic on hearing the noise of whistling mortar, shell and small arms fire...

Political and religious warring factions who, by their own greed and megalomaniac desires have conditioned their own people from birth, to hate, abuse and terrorise each other to a point that death is inevitable, they become fanatical.

Tower with Two Red Figures

Mothers protecting at all costs the little they possess, clinging to life under hopeless odds.

Crocodile and Animal Figures

Represents the waiting vultures armed with a religion and a machine gun, only too pleased to slaughter and martyr the innocent to further the cause.

Ant like Figure with Baby on its back

The fleeing of the masses, becoming stateless, demoralised broken refugees. And like so many times before, a prayer to their god falls on deaf ears, Apathy, the end product of all wars...

Dinosaur, Ape, Table & Chair plus an Apple

The time span between the birth of our planet to present day is calculated roughly at about 500 million years. And first, life in and from the sea emerged, The written word of the bible quotes 6 thousand years, the garden of Eden, the temptation portrayed by an apple. A religion steeped in dogma and rhetoric, hypothetically speaking six days for the creation would have been totally inadequate, the seventh day being one hell of a rest day ?

The Figures on the Cross

Represents a man and a child, the child being the bloodline maybe of Christ, and who knows may be with us to the present day. Remember the eleventh and twelfth centuries, the crusades and the search for the Holy Grail. Gallantly into battle with bible and cross arrogantly displayed on their battle dress. It is said Jesus as a man died for us, but how many people have died in the name of Jesus ? Since his death man has lived in his shadow for nearly two thousand years.

Light Blue Shape of a Man lying down

Blue being the favoured colour of the sea, from whence man started on his journey through time. White or Black, Brown or Yellow, it's apparent that a man's colour can soul destroying, especially when two colours take each other on at war, South Africa being a perfect example.


The Elephant and the Stairway

The stairway represents the arduous struggle of mans ideals - to achieve utopia, whether it is materialistic, religious, political or just being conscious of the world and nature around us. The elephant we associate with never forgetting, it depicts just that, we should not forget the legacy history has contrived. People must learn by the mistakes of their forefathers,

Face in the Rib Cage

A sad face, a feeling of despair, a stomach empty like that of many a third world country. Ethiopia being the most appalling, especially when the western world has the power and resources to alleviate this tragedy. There are western Christians without conscience, they hold these peoples lives in gigantic grain and food mountains, just to keep prices at stock market level they have sent the third world an holocaust on an unprecedented scale, the W.H.O. hold the key.

Triangular Pink Face over Black Skull

In my opinion this shows that most people have two sides to their personality, a smiling face does not necessarily mean that you're happy, and both men and women sometimes cry to show joy. Most human beings viewed from point of their outer shells, look quite the norm but inside they are tense, stressful, strung out, leading to totally irrational behaviour and paranoia. I have often wondered, does being a psychiatrist make one immune from mental disorder.

Man in Green

Wearing a Pink hat, he's planting rice. YES, it's a Chinaman, born into hardship, his right leg stretched out as if he is balancing on one leg. I have simply tried to depict him holding up the burden of his culture, his history, his family in a never ending downward spiral, scratching a meagre living out of nothing, but he perseveres, humble, head held high, PROUD..


With figure beneath, leading to body straddling mountains and village, represent the concern for the tribes living deep in the Amazonian rain forests of Peru, their lives and cultures threatened with extinction from outside influences. With the building of the TRAINS-AMAZONIAN RAILWAY their privacy and individuality is being invaded and eroded by the need for raw materials and commodities. The peace and tranquillity, the forests equilibrium with nature will become an open wound exuding a FUNEREAL ODOUR of wanton destruction. THE LIGHTHOUSE, is self explanatory, when will blinked man see the light and save his environment, preserve man's basic rights, and stop raping this planet ?

Figure Holding a Spear

Simply if a man is threatened, he will instinctively fight to the bitter end, for a birthright called "FREEDOM".

Man, Woman and Animals

Represent the continuous birth, life and inevitable death, regeneration.

Panda, Elephant, Old Man in Blue

THREE million, no expense spared, to give the right climate and conditions for the PANDAS to breed, stickers in car windows, i.e; "save the Panda". This is man's logic, first man deprives the panda of its natural environment; that is, if they survive being hunted and slain for their pelts. Then when the Panda is on the verge of extinction MAN'S remorse bends over backwards at great expense to save the creature.

The Elephant

This gentle giant seems to be at the top of the shopping list this decade, and will for sure join its four legged friend the Panda into extinction. Unless man comes to his senses.

The greed and avarice in wealthy man, to acquire trinkets and artefacts, keepsakes made from the ivory tusks. CAN they not see that they may not be pointing the GUN but their greed is surely buying the bullets.

The Old Man

Like the two examples above, this old fellow has nothing to offer, WHY ? BECAUSE THE SOCIETY HE LIVES IN HAS HAD THE BEST YEARS OF HIS LIFE, he has now become a burden, frail, needing constant attention. YES, you have guessed it, has become a PENSIONER. IT seems as long as you contribute in society you remain in society, retiring can seriously damage your health...

The reasoning behind the Panda, Elephant, and old man is to show a comparison or parallel with levels of awareness, to physical and mental cruelty. So, as for example, does the elephants plight , have level par with POL-POT's regime in Cambodia, or the Pandas struggle for existence, say, with the controlled starvation of the Sudanese and Ethiopian people of Africa. The old placed on the scrap heap to vegetate, with their right to work taken away. Existing on a paltry sum called the retirement pension, for those without savings life becomes intolerable and degrading.

ALL the above examples, no matter to what level or extent the misery, all are equally inhuman and deplorable.

Half Body of Kangaroo

With arm protruding from body holding Boomerang, and face drifting off above. This represents the plight of the ABORIGINES and KANGAROOS. As history shows us they were the first inhabitants of AUSTRALASIA FOUND IN POSSESSION by the colonists of the early British Empire.

Bowler with Legs and Horns

Represents the continuing dominant white supremacy, a bureaucratic governing body hell bent on keeping the true Australian a second class citizen, with a lifestyle comparative to the Black ghetto backwater communities of the United States of America around the earlier part of this century.

Air Baloon and head, with Mouth Agape

Depicts the blinkered politicians views and thoughts over the plight of the Aborigines are skyward, totally in the clouds. THE mouth agape depicts the hurt and horror the governmental politician would endure, IF by wind of change the Aborigines were given equal status


Skull, Figure, Springboard & Trident

This represents the evil forces at work in the world today. Their covert operations assisting man from one crisis to another. The Trident, symbolising good and bad, the three prongs of the trident say as to the Holy Trinity, as to on the other hand the Trident can become a symbol of devilment, war, hatred and apathy.

Dark Blue Fish


Yellow Ducks Head

Bird in flight, soaring. I see this has the ability to reach great heights mentally and this will enable to evaluate and give sound judgement, from a great distance on mans inevitable present downward spiral into oblivion.

Elelphant's Trunk, Tusks, Gun Barrels, Rhino & Eagle Head

All represent the unnecessary slaughter of animals for gain.

Man on Horseback, Shield

Represent bringing to the forefront all the secret societies, so "hush hush" to the ordinary man, societies stemming from the early 11th and 12th centuries, i.e.. The Knights Templers, hospitalers etc; these the defenders of Christendom around the time of the Crusades,

Abstract Red Bird

Situated at base of shield, represents the creature synonymous with extinction, the DODO. Probably the first creature man exhausted, giving it the honour of distinction, to be the first to be forced by man to extinction.

Traffic Lights


Atop the process by which all creatures are systematically USED and ABUSED.


We should with concern take time out, evaluate our present world-wide policies on issues of ecology.


One of two things. Firstly, the horror at which man is using up the earth's resources at an alarming rate. Secondly Green is the flavour of the day politically speaking, people are now extremely conscious of the crisis of using our planet as a dustbin for industrial and human EFFLUENT.

Blue River & Symbols

Represents China, and the horror we have all witnessed recently. A new chapter in their struggle has not been extinguished by a strong-arm tactics onslaught. TYRANTS cannot rule by the sword forever, history can bear witness to that.

Black Skeleton like Figure

It's arms, one to the neck, the other to the stomach of a figure arched over. The hair of the figure over the water represents the third world power struggles, indiscriminately manipulating, complete nations and most abhorrent using; starvation as a political means to war i.e., ETHIOPIA, THE SUDAN, CAMBODIA, VIETNAM, ANGOLA and some SOUTH AMERICAN countries, are just but a few on record.

The Sun, Blue Sea, Clouded Sky, Palm Tree

If man changes his ways our planet could be the paradise everyone could share.

Many people's idea of heaven could so easily become a reality on earth....

E.W.Powell 1991.

Complexity comment:

The Earth has more than enough resources for all it's peoples and animals. The sunlight landing on the Earth can supply renewable energy for millions of years, the vegetation and bacteria available now can supply the food needs of a planet wide population easily, if properly utilised. The future nanotechnology can supply any envisionable material needs on a planetary free basis if we so desire.

It is time to cease the primitive squables for economic supremacy and embrace the paradise that is already possible. Man needs to grow up, he has been in spotty adolescence for too long, throwing tantrums and demanding his 'rights' to freedom. We are already free, we can grow with education and mutual help and make the above a reality. We can change the world to put people, not things, first.

Demand it.

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