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His Descent

( Size: 48cm x 63cm )

His Descent

Leila Kubba Kawash 1999.

Complexity comment:

Complexity Theory has much in common with the goddess Inanna's descent into the underworld, where she was relieved of all her accoutrements and once naked subjected to torture, before being reborn. The accoutrements of modern civilisations, in terms of their philosophies and sciences, are stripped down by complexity theory and subjected to re-evaluation. They too are found wanting, and punished to atone for their failure to meet the real needs of humanity.

The rebirth of civilisation, following the ideas created by complexity thinking, is long overdue. That this will not occur until the 21st Century is also clear, old views are too ingrained and too powerful to be overthrown easily and complexity philosophy eschews violent revolution. Instead we will proceed gradually, refining and justifying our viewpoints and converting the open minded, if necessary one by one. Most scientific revolutions require the concept of dead-man's-shoes. The conservative leader will not change and it is only on his death that a new wave of fresh ideas can pervade his department. Yet the death of rationalism and the rise of holism are very much ideas whose time has arrived, and with complexity theory to back them up the stage is now set for a flowering of civilisation during the Age of Aquarius...

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